Source Asset Finance is a specialist in funding all types of equipment that you buy for your business and in your personal life. With a panel of over 100 lenders, no amount is too high, it’s all subject to the strength of your business, or your personal credit rating.

Why burn your cash in an asset that depreciates and loses its value immediately, when you can spread the cost over its working life, and use your cash for other more profitable investments?


Here are some the finance facilities we provide:

  • Hire Purchase (HP) / Lease Purchase (LP)
  • Finance Lease
  • Hire Agreement / Lease Rental
  • Operating Lease
  • Contract Hire
  • PCP
  • Commercial Loan
  • Refinance – Sale & HP Back or Sale & Lease Back


Here is a taste of just some of things you can put on a finance agreement with Source Asset Finance:


media equipment finance camera accessories lighting LED power supply prompters monitors field IT software hardware lease hire purchase

  • Media Equipment – For those Production Companies, Film Makers, and other business in the Media industry, we provider Hire Purchase , Leasing, Loans and Refinance for Camera Equipment, Accessories, Mobile / Portable Power Supply, Lighting, LED lighting, Audio Visual Equipment, Prompters, IT Equipment, Software, Wireless Transmission Systems, Field Monitors and any other media kit.


office equipment finance furniture photocopiers fax printers tables chairs desks kitchen signage telephone systems IT lease hire purchase

  • Office Equipment – You can spread the costs of all the goods yopu buy for your office interiors over anything up to 5 years.This include Furniture, Tables, Desks, Chairs, Boardroom Tables, TV’s, Screens, Projectors, Audio Visual Equipment, IT Hardware, Kitchens, Door Entry Systems, CCTV and anything else.


IT Finance Hardware software services mainteance installation delivery support cloud printers fax photocopiers telecoms telephone system networking servers cabling lease hire purchase

  • IT & Technology – Finance your entire IT solution, including all the Hardware, Software and Services. You can include all the maintenance, installation, training, support, delivery etc, in one monthly payment. Spread the cost over anything up to 5 years and get a decision in 24 hours. We also fund Photocopiers, Telephone Systems, Franking Machines, Air Conditioning, Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Audio Visual Equipment, Networking, Servers, Laptops, CCTV, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Printers and all other technology.


Refurbihsment fit-out interior finance carpets cabling light switches furniture partitioning suspended ceiling paint labour strip-out design lease hire purchase

  • Refurbishments / Fit-Outs – Include all costs of a Refurbishment from the strip-out costs, to the Cabling, Carpets, Light Switches, Ceilings, Partitioning, Furniture, Air Conditioning, Kitchens, Catering Equipment, IT Equipment, Telephone Systems, Printers, Labour Costs, Paint! It could be an Office, Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, Warehouse, or anywhere else with an interior.


Catering Equipment Finance kitchen hot plate steel table benche oven microwave fryer extraction canopy air conditioning fridge freezers walk-in lease hire purchase

  • Catering Equipment – If you run a catering related business or if you just need a kitchen in your office, you can finance it all. This includes Ovens, Cookers, Microwaves, Extractors, Canopies, Steel Benches, Tables, Fridges, Freezers, Walk-in Freezers, Hot Plates, Coffee Machines, Deep Fryers, Accessories, Pots & Pans, Kitchen Units, Kitchen Refurbishments, Air Conditioning, and all other Catering Equipment.


plant machinery agriculture medical waste recycling energy renewable assets hire purchase lease operating

  • Plant & Machinery – Finance facilities for any kind of plant & machinery such as Agriculture Equipment, Tractors, Combine Harvesters etc; Medical Equipment, CNC Machines, Machine Tools, Waste & Recycling Machinery, Yellow Plant / Construction Assets, Bull Dozers and Cranes etc; Printing Presses, Engines, Renewable Energy equipment like Biomass Boilers, Solar Panels and Wind Turbines. The list goes on. We can fund these assets up to 7 years.


Car Finance vehicle hire purchase contract lease pcp business personal

  • Car / Vehicle Finance – We provide all forms of finance for Cars, Motorhomes, Classic Cars, Caravans and Horseboxes in the business or personal name. If you need a whole fleet of cars, we can help. Our panel of over 100 lenders, including cheapest lenders in the industry, is one of the biggest in the industry. The rates we can offer beat many of the dealerships and we can get instant decisions. 7 year funding available.


commercial vehicles trucks lorries tractor unit vans minibus coaches taxis finance hire purchase contract hire lease CV

  • Commercial Vehicles – We provide Hire Purchase & Leasing for Vans, Trucks, Lorries, Tractor Units, Dumper Trucks, Fork Lift Trucks, Buses and Coaches. As with cars, we can cater for entire fleets. No amount is too large. 7 year funding available.


The list of assets we finance doesn’t stop there. We also fund Renewable Energy equipment like Biomass Boilers, Wind Turbines and Solar Panels. We can fund Boats and Planes with our Aviation & Marine Finance products. If there is something else you want to finance, call us up and the likelihood is we’ll be able to do it.


For all enquiries, use any of the following contact details:

Contact:               Billy Walker

Mobile:                07956 045421

Direct Dial:         020 3816 0396