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Car Finance at the Lowest Interest Rates

Buying a car is an emotional purchase. A lot of the time you know what you want once you’ve seen it and you want to be able to just say at that very point – “Yes I’ll have it”. With pressure from the car salesman saying they have other interest and with there being a shortage of vehicles in the market you don’t want to miss out and find out the car has been sold to someone else.

When it comes to how you want to pay, a lot of people want to use a finance option because it’s a big purchase.  At this point the Salesman knows they have a strong card in their hands – if you walk away they could quite easily sell the car to the next person. They can sit you down in the chair and offer you finance there and then but they may not be offering you the best deal you can get. You might take it just because of the fear of losing the car.

This is where Source Asset Finance can help. You can get a finance quote on the car and an approval before you make an offer to buy the car. It only takes us 1 day to get a decision on finance any approval lasts for 90 days.  Most of the time we beat the dealerships offering – we are either cheaper on the interest rate, we can take a lower deposit, and/or we can give a higher balloon payment at the end of the agreement to bring your monthly payments down.

We can finance all types of vehicles, including:

  • 100% Electric Vehicles & Hybrids
  • Standard Vehicles
  • Sports & Prestige Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Vans, Trucks, Lorries, Buses & Coaches

We also provide all types of Car Finance including:

  • Hire Purchase & Lease Purchase,
  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP),
  • Leasing & Contract Hire
  • Commercial Loans.

You can take finance in a business name or in your own personal name – we offer both and we have all the correct permissions required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

If you would like a quote just give me a call on 020 3816 0396 or 07956 045421 or e-mail me at:

Or simply request a quote on our website: Request a Finance Quote!

I look forwards to hearing from you soon,

Billy Walker