Large Tax Bill this quarter? Why not spread the cost over 3 months with a VAT Loan.

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Give your cash-flow some breathing space and spread your tax bills out in to more manageable monthly payments, instead of paying one big lump sum.

We receive requests from businesses in many sectors who have a temporary cash-flow issue for all kinds of reasons. For example, a Solicitor may have billed their clients but won’t get paid until there case is settled; but they still need to pay HMRC, so the VAT loan will help cover the gap between raising the invoice and getting it paid. Another client in Manufcaturing needed their cash to buy raw materials for an important new contract and so they used our VAT loans to cover the payment to HMRC so they could pay their suppliers and fulfil their new contract.

We provide Unsecured Loans for any business-related purpose, which includes VAT Loans over 3 months, Corporation Tax loans over 12 months as well as longer term loans over anything up to 60 months. You can easily renew your VAT loan every 3 months. Depending on the financial strength of your business, the lenders may request Director’s Guarantees. These Guarantees do NOT mean you are giving any security against your house or any other assets you own. They are a standard template document which states that the Director’s will cover any missed finance payments if the business is unable to make them.

We can get fast loan decisions in 1 working day, we will pay HMRC direct on your behlaf, and all lending is completely independent from your Bank.

If you have a quarterly VAT Bill of over £10,000 that you would like to spread over 3 months, then contact, Billy Walker on 0203 816 0396 or 07956 045421 or E-mail: or go to the live chat on our website.

If you have any other finance requirements for vehicles, machinery, refurbishments, office equipment or any other equipment you buy for your business then feel free to get in contact.